TUMnanoSAT is a 1U CubeSat developed at National Center of Space Technologies of Technical University of Moldova.  The primary mission objective of this project is educational outreach, to stimulate young minds by bringing aerospace technology to them and to provide for the students the skills and experience on building satellites.
Other important missions of TUMnanoSAT are:

– to establish effective communication subsystem “satellite-ground station” with the possibility to modify the communication rate range to ensure high reliability;
– to check the communication protocol “satellite-ground station” with different levels of access;
– to study the operation and behaviour, reliability of the sensors based on nano- and micro-wires in the space conditions;
– testing of attitude subsystem sensors for determining of satellite attitude (magnetometers, micro-gyroscopes, sun sensors) in order to optimize attitude control algorithms.
– testing of solar power supply system to obtain the optimal modes of accumulated energy distribution;
– testing the endurance of COTS components in the conditions of space radiation.

The satellite consists of:

ADCS – attitude determination and control system, determines and modifies satellite’s alignment
CAM – onboard camera for taking images of the Earth and the unreeled tether
CDHS – command and data handling system, the satellite’s main onboard computer
COM – communications system for up- and downlinks
EPS – electrical power system, provides electrical power for the satellite
PL – payload, the satellite’s experiment module, that contain the tether and everything else related to the experiment
STR – satellite’s structure

How to receive TUMnanoSAT